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Chamber opposes placing business policies in state Constitution

(LIVONIA; Oct. 1, 2012) – Local business leaders are opposed to the practice of placing business regulations in the Michigan Constitution.

Accordingly, the Livonia Chamber of Commerce does not support Propositions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 that are up for a vote statewide on Nov. 6. The Chamber has no opinion on Proposition 1.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors, the governing body for the 825-member Livonia Chamber of Commerce, recently approved a policy that states: “We believe that business regulations should be studied, deliberated, publicly debated, and authorized through Michigan’s legislative and regulatory processes, and such regulations should not be placed in the State Constitution.”

“We don’t have a position on the merits of each individual proposition; however, we believe it is not good for our businesses to lock in any business regulations into the state Constitution,” said Chamber President Dan West. “Our board feels that businesspeople are frustrated with overly strict, inflexible regulations for businesses in an ever-changing marketplace.”

Proposition 1 is a referendum asking voters to affirm the Emergency Manager Law, but the other five propositions ask voters to approve new mandates to the Michigan Constitution. Proposition 2 pertains to collective bargaining, Proposition 3 involves to renewable energy, Proposition 4 is the Home Health Care Amendment, Proposition 5 is the Taxation Amendment, and Proposition 6 is the Michigan International Bridge Initiative.

“Understandably, there is a lot of confusion over these propositions,” West said. “We believe these important issues should be analyzed and decided by elected leaders who are charged with comprehensively studying all sides of these issues.”

As business factors change, he added there are fewer hurdles for lawmakers to adjust policies through the Legislative process compared to seeking another statewide vote to make any revisions to the Constitution.

The Livonia Chamber also offers a concise, non-partisan breakdown of each proposition listed on the Nov. 6 ballot on its website:

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